BBC Space Race (2005): Episode one: Race For Rockets (1944--1949)

BBC Space Race (2005): Episode one: Race For Rockets (1944--1949)
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  • TitleBBC Space Race (2005): Episode one: Race For Rockets (1944--1949)
  • Duration50:03
  • Uploaderrsa008
  • Views244,435
  • DescriptionWe see the results of Wernher von Braun's work on the V-2 for the Nazis at Mittelwerk and Peenemünde, and his final activities within Germany during the last years of the Second World War, as both American and Soviet forces race to capture German rocket technology. When the Americans gain the upper hand by recovering von Braun and most of his senior staff, along with all their technical documents and much other materiel, we see Sergei Korolev's release from the Gulag to act as the Soviets' rocketry expert alongside former colleague Valentin Glushko, and how he is set to work bringing Soviet rocket technology up to date with that of von Braun, working with what material and personnel are left after von Braun's escape to the US.

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