Every Hockey Logo Explained | NHL Teams!

Every Hockey Logo Explained | NHL Teams!
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  • TitleEvery Hockey Logo Explained | NHL Teams!
  • Duration59:00
  • UploaderJustin Learns Things
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  • DescriptionHave you ever wondered how every NHL team got its Logo? Well I did too! I decided to take an unreasonably long time to research each team and create this video. Hopefully you learn a thing or two, too! Each team is listed in the order that they were founded or became a part of the National Hockey League and I try and cover every logo the team has ever had! I hope you enjoy the history of every NHL logo!

    Link to references from video: https://www.justinlearnsthings.com/video-footnotes/every-nhl-logo-explained-footnotes

    #NHL #Hockey #Sports #History #Design

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    0:00 Intro
    0:18 National Hockey League
    3:28 Montreal Canadiens
    5:59 Toronto Maple Leafs
    8:24 Boston Bruins
    10:08 Chicago Blackhawks
    13:10 Detroit Redwings
    14:21 New York Rangers
    16:44 Vancouver Canucks
    19:16 Dallas Stars
    21:14 Los Angeles Kings
    24:52 Philadelphia Flyers
    25:44 Pittsburgh Penguins
    27:58 St Louis Blues
    29:07 Buffalo Sabres
    31:58 Arizona Coyotes
    33:35 Carolina Hurricanes
    35:17 Colorado Avalanche
    36:24 Edmonton Oilers
    37:38 Calgary Flames
    38:33 New York Islanders
    40:30 New Jersey Devils
    42:40 Washington Capitals
    45:07 San Jose Sharks
    46:26 Ottawa Senators
    47:45 Tampa Bay Lightning
    48:53 Anaheim Ducks
    50:07 Florida Panthers
    52:23 Nashville Predators
    53:20 Winnipeg Jets
    54:21 Columbus Blue Jackets
    56:09 Minnesota Wild
    57:07 Vegas Golden Knights
    57:43 Seattle Kraken
    58:23 Outro

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