Buddhism Hotline - 4chan TROLL CALLS (7-18-16) [System 32 Deleted]

Buddhism Hotline - 4chan TROLL CALLS (7-18-16) [System 32 Deleted]
  • ServiceYouTube
  • TitleBuddhism Hotline - 4chan TROLL CALLS (7-18-16) [System 32 Deleted]
  • Duration2:16:14
  • UploaderBuddhism Hotline Archive
  • Views54,685
  • DescriptionIn this episode Jonathon Hills deletes his system 32 by request of a caller who says it will fix the program from the joke calls. After he deletes it on the air he goes offline for the rest of the night as his computer broke. It was found out that Mathis Miles was behind this incident and was sitting in a dumpster with a laptop telling people to do it.
    Jonathon Hills has decided to abandon the "Buddhism Hotline" and run a new program called, "Live with Jonathon" where he will discuss news, politics, debates and religion. Subscribe to the channel with the program at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrB8o1tlLKRnPHlpSy3GBFg
    Also go to JonathonHills.com or JonathonHillsLive.com to watch the program live,
    Twitter: Jonathon_Hills
    Instagram: JonathonHills_
    Discord: https://discord.gg/hPKdHxj

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