Tupac - Hit em Up (Dax Remix) [One Take]

Tupac - Hit em Up (Dax Remix) [One Take]
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  • TitleTupac - Hit em Up (Dax Remix) [One Take]
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    (Lyrics Below)Lets keep pushing! Shit bout to get real. Two more videos before I crank this whole thing up. Y'all eint ready.

    Random Talking

    First off lemme tell you how I got this flow, pac saw me in dream and told me this shit yo's, game me da pen da pad wit da paper to match, and told me shoot to kill when I aim at a track, I grabbed it, hesitation, greatest in the making 4, 5 how many times they told I wouldn't make it, faded, underrated, 3rd spot slated, climbing to the top knock off whoever waiting, hit em up, is how he told me to act, and if they mumble you rapping you should giv em a smack, tell em pac sent and see they react eint gon believe you when they see you but gon know when you rap, i sent you, yes meant to, protect and defend you, from evil approaching they know you is meant to, fly, let em laugh in yo face eint gon be funny when you taking they place, they the know the rules nigga
    Put out his hand then gave me keys
    said the game is yo bitch make her get on her knees
    And hit her up
    I hit her up

    Pac said (x2)
    Hit em up why fucking game is mine
    My nigga tupac boi eint to deserve to die
    Told me the game is in trouble im the one that they fiending, ya boi Dax finna pick up the peices they know Meaning

    Im the dun dada, real top shotta serged in the game the rest get ibaka, best in the game you know dont gotta, flex like I eint cause eint no one hotter, patna, who we kidding trynna say I eint the best up in it, born to ride, wit a 45, while i be penny pinching, who inside, pac eint die, ye he been living in em, if I lie, take me christ cause I eint bullshitting, fo a fact, when I rap i know they listen, pac told me i was gifted with words that could move children, save pilgrims, change men and heal women, save lives, erase lies and kill demons, tension, thats alot on my shoulders but momma never a punk she recruited a soldier, pac told me we at war and its time to deploy ya, they been sleeping on you nigga force feed the foldgers. Cool I let sip and resist, made my way in the game now the cease to exist, mumble rap no skill what they popping em with mdmhccamcjsnd man im good at that shit
    Call the cops when you see me, pac is alive wanna touch em you can feel me, pac is inside wanna see him nigga see me, on everything phone, tab, and TV,

    So hit me up(x2)
    Why cause im next to pop
    My nigga tupac boi eint deserve to drop
    Told me game is in trouble im the one that they fiending, the ya boi Dax finna pick up the peices you know the

    So Hit me up cause im next to fly
    Eint gon be po no mo man im finna testify
    Riding 4 4 doors man im finnna flex the ride
    Cuz my fucking flow so cold that they gotta take my side

    Ha woke up from that same dream, started rapping, grew my hair got a nose ring, started shooting at these record in close the close, remix flow now is on to my own things

    So im take money, ya I take money, these niggas trash, they cant take it from me why, talent, I know you see it when you looking in my eyes, i eint famous and you wondering why, its a matter of timE

    (Random Talking)

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    Recorded by: Horace Kennedy
    Mixed and mastered by: Mixed by Gee

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