How To Make SVG Drawings For Videoscribe and Whiteboard Animations

How To Make SVG Drawings For Videoscribe and Whiteboard Animations
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  • TitleHow To Make SVG Drawings For Videoscribe and Whiteboard Animations
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  • DescriptionIn this tutorial, I am going to show you step by step how to make SVG drawings and illustrations for whiteboard animation software such as Videoscribe.

    For this tutorial, you'll need Adobe Illustrator CS6 (or some other version in which you can follow this video).

    I am going to show you how you can make an illustration out of any picture or image you want for your videos.

    Note: If you don't know what Videoscribe is, check this out:

    It doesn't matter if you are not an experimented graphic designer, this video is really easy to follow.

    The steps you'll follow are:

    1. Open Adobe Illustrator and create a new file. The canvas can be any size you want.

    2. Drag the desired picture/image into Illustrator.

    3. Resize and align the picture in your Illustrator canvas.

    4. Using the selection tool, select the picture and set the opacity to 30% - 40% Whatever feels right for you since we are going to copy on it.

    5. Select the layer the picture is in, and lock it so you don't make any changes on it by accident.

    6. Make a new layer. In this new layer, you'll proceed to make the illustration.

    7. Using the pencil tool, set the fill color to none and the stroke color to black. Set the stroke weight to 4 or 5px

    8. Start drawing and copying on the picture. You can start by drawing on the borders.

    9. Once you are done with the drawing, lock that layer so you don't make any changes on it by accident in the next steps.

    10. Create a new layer. In this new layer, we'll proceed to color the illustration. Put this layer under the layer with the strokes you previously drew.

    11. Using the pencil tool, select fill the fill color you'll need. Also, make sure the stroke color is set to none or zero.

    12. Clic and make shapes that color the illustration.

    13. Once you are done, lock that layer as well and create a new layer that is above all other layers.

    14. Using the pencil tool, make strokes on the whole picture. This strokes must be around 30px in weight.

    15. When you are done, use the selection tool to select all these strokes and set the opacity to 0%

    16. Erase the layer that contains the original picture you first dragged into illustrator. We need it no longer.

    17. Save the file as SVG.

    18. Open Videoscribe and import your new file into the canvas. Set up the duration.

    19. There you go, now you know how to make SVG illustrations for Whiteboard animations such as Videoscribe.

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