Slim Dusty - Indian Pacific

Slim Dusty - Indian Pacific
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  • TitleSlim Dusty - Indian Pacific
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  • DescriptionMusic video by Slim Dusty performing Indian Pacific
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    From coast to coast by night and day, hear the clickin' of the wheels
    The hummin' of the diesel on her ribbons of steel
    Carryin' the memories of a nation built by hand
    See the Indian Pacific span the land

    She's the pride of all the railway men 'cross country where she flies
    From the blue Pacific waters to where the mountains rise
    By lakes and wide brown rivers, through desert country dry
    See the Indian Pacific passin' by

    Oh the Indian Pacific she goes rollin' down the track
    Five thousand miles to travel before she's there and back

    Beside the line, a drover waves his battered old grey hat
    And kids are catchin' yabbies down by the river flat
    And a woman hangs her washing in a backyard near the line
    As the Indian Pacific's rollin' by


    Hear the whistle blowin' lonely 'neath the Nullabor star light
    Saluting those who walk across the track she romps tonight
    Callin' to the railway camp and the fettlers on the line
    I'm the Indian Pacific, right on time

    From the silver of the Broken Hill to old Kalgoorlie gold
    She mirrors all the colours of the land so hard and old
    Then the western clouds are blooming and the air is just like wine
    And the Indian Pacific's makin' time

    Oh the Indian Pacific she goes rollin' down the track
    Five thousand miles to travel before she's there and back

    From the waters of the western sea to the eastern ocean sand
    The Indian Pacific spans the land
    Oh the Indian Pacific spans the land

    Slim Dusty, AO MBE (born David Gordon Kirkpatrick; 13 June 1927 – 19 September 2003) was an Australian country music singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer. He was an Australian cultural icon and one of the country's most awarded stars, with a career spanning nearly seven decades and numerous recordings. He was known to record songs in the legacy of Australia, particularly of bush life and renowned Australian bush poets Henry Lawson and Banjo Paterson that represented the lifestyle. The music genre was coined the "bush ballad", a style first made popular by Buddy Williams, the first artist to perform the genre in Australia, and also for his many trucking songs. Dusty was the first Australian to have a No. 1 international hit song, with a version of Gordon Parsons' "A Pub with No Beer". He received an unequalled 37 Golden Guitar and two Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) awards and was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame and the Country Music Roll of Renown.

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